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Choosing Good Packers Movers in 9 Simple Steps

Are you moving your home in the near future? It is certainly the most exhausting and intimidating tasks of all. Hiring packers and movers will lighten your burden to a significant extent. The most important thing to focus on is hiring the best packers and movers. With a huge number of companies claiming to offer the best, this task is a little difficult. Here are some tips on choosing the best. Hope this takes a lot of burden off you!

Step 1: Best Not the Cheapest should be Your Mantra

Most people make the mistake of searching for a cheap service. However, they don’t understand that cheap is not always the best. When comparing various offers of companies, look for cost estimates, facilities offered, additional services, packaging materials used, and loading / unloading services ensured. Considering the lowest bid is not a wise idea. The focus should be on keeping a balance in services offered and the price charged.

Step 2: Genuine Online Reviews

Reading reviews online is the best way to get some honest opinions about a packers and movers company. You simply need to browse through websites and see what past clients have to say about the services of a company. Read as many testimonials as you can. Also make sure you go through a website that offers genuine reviews.

Step 3: Reviews from Those You Know

Another way to reach out to the best packers and movers company is to get reviews from those you know. So speak to your neighbours, friends, relatives, and colleagues to know about some of the best services around you. Enquire them about their experience with a specific company. This is a guarantee for genuine review.

Step 4: Branches, Physical Office, Phone, and Website

Make sure the company you choose have a physical address (confirm about this), a phone number, and an official running website.

Step 5: Meet in Person

Have you ever thought of packers and movers company in person? Well, this is something most people tend to ignore. Meeting representatives of a moving company personally will let you know about their skills, experience, efficiency, and the way they treat their customers. Service quality is determined by speech quality. The key is to speak to several of these prior to making a decision. Money should not be a concern when choosing packers and movers. Quality should be the prime matter you need to take into account. Apart from knowing about the services they offer, you must also get an appropriate estimate of all kinds of costs involved in the process.

Step 6: Watch Out for Hidden Costs

If you don’t focus on this, the company will be successful in swindling extra money from you for no reason at all! So make it crystal clear for your packer and mover agent about precise size and number of items you wish to move. Know what would they charge, why, and how. Get this in written to avoid surprise expenses on relocation day, quarrels on deal, etc.

Step 7: Insurance is Important

There are many items vulnerable to damage, breakage, and dents. Regardless of the experience and skill of a company worker, accidents happen. Sometimes, your possessions may break while packing or unpacking. Breakage may even happen while moving. The only way to tackle the problem is to have an insurance. So before you hire a packers and movers company, talk about insurance. If they offer insurance, go ahead.

Step 8: Breakage of Possessions Claim

In case, you are looking for a service that takes care of your claims on breakage/damage etc. (which is necessary) don’t forget to report the real facts on the original inventory sheet. These should be reported in detail. Also there is a specific time period within which you need to file a claim after delivery once you notice damage. This varies from company to company. Also don’t wait to report a damage. Do it as soon as you notice. In most cases, delay in reporting leads to companies denying any compensation.

Step 9: Free Perks

Are they offering free perks, discounts, or special facilities? Many packers and movers services offer free storage services and re-arrangement of items at new place for their clients. There are many other facilities offered by these companies. All you need to do is speak to the representatives and know about any add-on services offered. Getting the service list in writing will help you avoid any problems in the long run.

So now that you have all the tips and tricks to hire the best packers and movers company, the wait is over! Hire one that suits your specific requirements and budget to make the move hassle free, pleasure filled, and safe. Good luck!

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