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Essential DIY Packing Tips

The following list contains certain fundamental packing tips that are generally now followed, but aids immensely when implemented during a packing and moving process.

  • Packing Supplies – It is always beneficial to have a perfect understanding of the number of packages required and ensure that they are available in time. This will give a more clarified idea of the overall items to be taken when you are moving out, which is necessary so that the process of establishment into a new house is seamless. Also, such a clear idea of the required packages will render the process of packing to be much more simple and devoid of unwanted interruptions, so that the procedure will not be required to stop in the middle to fetch more packages.
  • Packing of Items – Make sure that you pack the more heavy materials at the lower side or at the bottom of the package. This will ensure that the lighter items do not suffer due to the weight of the heavier ones. Also you should take care that the overall weight of the package does not become higher than 50 pounds.
  • Filling up the Box – Any small hole or presence of a small empty area will mean that there can be chances of jerks or exposure to external pollution. To prevent occurrence of such, the spaces and openings should be filled up with small clothes, like pillow cases, scarves or socks. You just have to ensure that you do not lose a sock within a pair during the process. Lighter linens can be used as well to fill up the empty spots, for example with your dryer and washer.
  • Packing the Box – One viable option to ensure security for your materials is to pack the small items in small boxes and put these small boxes into larger ones. However, you need to look that heavier boxes are at the lower side, and the large boxes can be packed and sealed properly, otherwise the contents may be put to risk. Also, the smaller boxes need to be taped and sealed properly before being put into the larger box.
  • Moving Liquid Materials – The content in which the liquid is poured should either be taped well or should be secured by transferring it into a sealable container. This container should then be put into a bag that is waterproof in nature. The bag should then be sealed tight and then placed into the box in an upright manner, so that chances of a slight tilt may be avoided. Also, this should be accompanied by an instruction stating “this end up” to avoid possibilities of it turning over and leaking.
  • Inventory List – You can keep a proper tab on each box and its contents by forming and maintaining an inventory list. An inventory list contains all the information regarding the contents of each box. Therefore if unfortunately one of them goes missing, you can easily understand which box went missing and what it contains.
  • Essential Items – There are certain materials that you will be requiring right after you move into your new house. These are essential items like toothbrush, dishes, towels etc. These should be kept in a package that should have the label “Load last, unload first”, so that the items are at hand when they are required after you transfer into your new home.
  • Your Official Records – There will always be certain information that are of official purpose to you. These may belong to you professional world, or may be some important documents like educational certificates. These should be taken care of separately and should not be allowed to get mixed with your general content of package materials. A better option will be to load them into a file and take them with you in your car as you make your shift. If that is not possible, then put them under the charge of a courier company so that you will be ensured of their security.
  • Using Garbage Bags – The garbage bags that are normally used are too thin and fragile, thereby vulnerable to damages very easily. If you are planning to put your clothing and linen materials into garbage bags, then pack these items into the bags that are more thick and heavier. This will help protect the items, ensuring that they do not get exposed through bursting of the bags, which generally happens with the thinner ones. Another option will be to use double bags which will ensure presence of apt amount of protection. If the material is strong, the garbage bag can be used to be pushed into small holes that exist in the trucks after the bigger furniture and items take up their spaces. If the garbage bags can be placed into these smaller spaces, it will prevent chances of jerks and breakage due to such occurrences.

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