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Hire Movers in Daund, Pune or Beg Friends? Best Ways to Decide Who’ll Do the Job

Only a few days are left for you to move to Daund, Pune and you are still in a mess unable to complete packing of all your goods. Your work commitments are forcing you to stay for longer hours in office, you have run out of carton boxes, tapes, etc. and packing seems a nightmare!

In trying to fix all your problems, you seem to be running into more unwanted issues unable to find time to pack things and be ready for relocation on time. You are sure you need help. But do you beg to your friends?

Before you decide, have a quick look at these important factors:


What is the distance for move? Is your new place in Daund located at a short distance from where you are living at present or is it far away from your current home or office? It is recommended to call a professional mover if the distance is longer, as longer the move the difficult it becomes. If you are moving to Daund, Pune from another city or State, a lot of things might go wrong. For example, improperly packed goods could get damaged. The carrier might break down, etc. Moving companies have backup vehicles ready for smooth shifting in case of a broken-down vehicle.


If you are moving locally or across state lines, you need to measure how much it will take for movement. If you are running out of time, professionals might be of great help. For example, if an experienced packer and mover take 3 hours to move all your things, you might take more time for the job. The best thing to do is try to relocate all your goods on a weekend; this will help you save money. In case, you take the help of your friends, they might take more time to load items on the truck and again might take several breaks in between before completing the entire task.

Skill Set

Moving is not just carrying boxes. You must evaluate the skillset of your friends and see if they are capable of the shifting job. For example, if you don’t have much furniture, you can take assistance from your friends. But, if there are many items to be moved, better choice can be a professional moving company.

If you have a tight budget, you can consider asking your friends for help; however, nowadays, you will get many relocation service providers in Daund as well as in other regions of India that provides services at a highly competitive rate. You get the chance to compare quotes and choose an affordable full-service mover.

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