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Planning to Hire Packers and Movers in Bangalore? A Checklist to Follow

Bangalore is a high-tech city in India also known as the ‘Silicon Valley of India’ for the large number of companies operating here. Bangalore attracts experienced as well as fresh talents ready to excel in their respective work areas and earn a better living. The city has plenty of traffic, big, wide roads, many accommodation and eateries, and of course some great packers and movers! People hire a professional packing and moving company to help them pack and move their things from their hometown to Bangalore.

Now, browsing the internet will bring lots of professional movers in Bangalore. However, these ‘so-called’ professionals might not be able to live up to your expectations in shifting all your valuable goods safely and efficiently as they have promised to. It is because of their sheer negligence and in expertise in handling delicate, fragile items and moving them with care to your new home in Bangalore city. Does that mean there is no company whom you can trust to move your things safely?

A little bit of careful research can help you choose the best one from the hundreds of websites online.

  1. Go through the Company History

It is the most important thing to do when searching for a professional moving company. You should go through the company history carefully to find for how many years the company is working, the types of services it provides, etc. There are many companies who specialize in just one or two areas such as shifting only household items or office items. Pick up the one that perfectly matches with your specific needs.

  1. Go through Reviews

Before choosing movers make sure to read the company reviews posted on its website or on different public forums. Reviews of packers and movers by different customers will help you zero down on the best one quickly.

  1. Don’t always Choose a Cheap Service Provider

We humans have a natural tendency to pick up a service provider that is offering services at a cheap rate. While there is no doubt that money matters, what is more important is to consider choosing a packer with not the lowest cost estimate but a moderate one. Movers with higher cost estimates are unlikely to give you an accurate estimate than being the lowest bidder. A smart tactic here is to hire a moving company that is charging neither too high nor too low.

  1. Meet them Personally

While you can discuss about your requirements over the phone, often a face to face conversation proves far more beneficial in making the right decision. Quality of service is determined by the quality of their speech. So, speak to as many companies offering packers and movers services in Bangalore before you go for one.

  1. See there are no Hidden Costs

Be very clear from the very onset about the cost of the total number of items to be shifted in their exact sizes. To avoid quarrels on the relocation day, keep it simple and straight of items to be moved.

  1. Do they Offer Insurance

While moving your goods, accidents can happen. Make sure your relocation service provider offers insurance for breakage of any item during moving. This will help you make a claim if you notice damage after unpacking. The packer and mover must acknowledge receipt of your claim within 30 days and must approve or deny your offer within 120 days from the claim’s receipt.

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