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Smart Way to Step In Smartly In Your New Home

moving to new home

Relocation from one place to another means moving out from one place and moving in to a completely new place. Firstly you need to take of this “new” factor. It is always wise to visit your new home and the neighbourhood before actual relocation. You should also consider meeting a few neighbors and have some acquaintance with them. This way you will have fair amount of idea about the location and who help you in case you get into a sticky situation.

This knowledge will help to direct the movers about the parking place and the access to the house from there. You should know and ensure that the truck reaches your new house in such an hour when you can easily get some labour to unload the material. It is always easier if the packers and movers company organises the services for unload and unpack but you are opting for a self service mover, this option is not available there. In that case you should complete your research about where to get these services and their feasibility beforehand. If it is possible you can even think of making contract as well to save some crucial time on the day of arrival as well.

You will need to guide about carrying the heavy furniture through the steps in case lift service is not available. You will also need to inspect the means of access for the delicate and fragile stuff which needs special attention and safety measure. Your previous tour of the house and locality will come in handy now. In some areas the movement of big furniture like and mattress is quite difficult. You will need to plan an alternative route for them. Movers are usually quite imaginative and are of great use.

You will need your imagination to plan the unloading of the material and then shifting them to their respective rooms. It will be an easy task if you have packed and then have labelled everything appropriately that is you should accurately know the contents of each box or carton. When you know this you can guide the packers and movers to keep the boxes in their respective rooms very easily. So you must have the inventory sheet in your hand as well as the movers also should have one copy.

You will need to prepare the entrance, passageways, stair and hall to protect their flooring and carpets. You must remember that the dragging even carrying of heavy materials and inappropriate movement of the movers may cause damage to the property. So you will need to prepare them for rough handling.

You must take care of movers and packers personals safety as well. You should caution them about any low ceiling, loose hand rails, missing steps, open drain and the like. Your timely action will save them from minor or even major accidents. Make sure that you discuss and alert them in advance.

You must have used your imagination by now to visualise the looks of your new home and know the placement of your furniture, at least of the big one.

Now Move:

You must have the entry sheet in your hand guide the movers to place the articles in their respective rooms directly. In this way you will have your material in their suitable rooms directly and you will not have to move them again. Usually movers also visit the location to have fair idea about the work to be done.

You will need to arrange the furniture in their appropriate places directly. Ask somebody to help you to keep track with the inventory list. Keep marking them as they come in. Group necessary boxes and carton together like keep the boxes of linen and bed sheet handy with the bed and mattress and keep all the cartons carrying kitchen items in the kitchen.

Now it’s Time to Unpack:

You need not open all boxes all at one time. Unpack all big and difficult to unwrap items first. Here again this service is not available with self service movers. But even they will help you to put together the big furniture like bed and place them properly. They will also keep the heavy material like mattresses, dressers and other heavy objects in their appropriate places.

You may not open all boxes but you must unpack the cartons that look damaged. Take stock of the damaged articles like crunched boxes, broken mirror, scratches on the furniture etc. Note if everything has come arrived in your new place or anything is missing. Making a note on your inventory sheet is not enough; keep marking everything on their inventory sheet as well. This will provide a proof if you want to claim insurance.

Lastly you should ask them to remove all tools, boxes, protective materials, extra padding etc (whatever they have brought) and make the place free from all garbage.

Lastly you have to sign a document stating that you have received everything.

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