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These Tips will Save You from Heartaches Due to a Bad Mover

Relocation is a difficult process. It consumes a lot of time, money and energy. It drains us emotionally as we have to deal with the pain of parting from the comfort zone and fond memories along with the fear and uncertainty of the new place. This process can be made dramatically thornier by rogue movers. The best way to deal with rogue movers is not to hire them at all.

You have to hire the assistance of movers and packers partner for a smooth process. So you need to begin early by searching a suitable relocation partner. Budget should not be only criteria. You often have limited resources and many movers try to take advantage of that weakness. So begin by going through the reviews. Check online for testimonials and search for formal complaints against the companies. It is difficult to be able to maintain a sound online reputation over a period of time online. Absence of formal complaint may mean that the company is so good that nobody ever made any complaint; but it may also mean that the company keeps changing its name so fast that nobody ever gets a chance to lodge a complaint! So beware of such hoax relocating companies and look for operating experience in your region of the move.

The rogue companies usually have their tell tale signs. Usually they are cheap, offering very lucrative options and have solutions for all your problems; they can do all. They never say no to any of your requests. Be careful immediately.

They have an online presence and answer promptly to the calls. But do not encourage you to visit them and they do not come for house visit either. So you do not know who they are and they do not know what they will have to relocate from one place to another. Avoid a tempest by avoiding these companies.

Carefully weigh their insurance options. Be careful if anyone says everything is covered by internal insurance. Always discuss all pros and cons, especially about the inconvenient situations. Especially because in India and the U.S. insurance is provided by third parties only, they cannot insure your goods. They can only make the documentation process easier.

You should visit their actual office and meet their employees. Check if they appoint any relationship manager and then discuss all options, terms and conditions. You should firmly ask about their policy matter, mention what you exactly want them to do, weigh the price they quote for the services you ask and insurance in case of loss, theft and delay. You should try and get everything in written.

Even after you take all possible precautions, you may have to face a rogue packer or loader after making deal with a prince charming in the office. You will need all your diplomatic power to get your work done in the predetermined time. That is most difficult time when you are running late and they are having an upper hand. You can handle this situation only when you have the required manpower to support you and take drastic decisions like cancelling the deal at the eleventh hour, deal with the office of the Movers and deal with law enforcement branches, if need be. And of course, prepare and execute a plan B.

You may have to face rogue labours who were employed locally to unload and unpack. Here the persons accompanying you from the original office come in very handy if you could keep them in your good books. They are usually very efficient in handling labour.

You may still have to face a bad and rogue company who do not handle your things efficiently and you face loss or theft of the property or you may receive them in pitiable conditions.

First action you must take is to challenge the company office. It is surprising that many people do not seek to challenge or recover their lost or damaged property. You should visit the office in person and discuss the options. Often this option works as nobody wants a negative reputation.

You should go public, if it does not work. Once again we think that people will laugh at us and we keep quite. On the contrary, as soon as you would start telling your story many similar stories come up. You would start receiving many suggestions for the recovery as well. You can create effective online pressure through social networking websites. This will create anxiety and they will take actions on your favour. Also, you create awareness and protect the rights of your fellow citizens who could have been hoodwinked.

You can also take legal action. This can be an expensive and time taking affair but most probably the most effective way as well. You can ask the lawyer to look into the signed document and find out the appropriate legal action to be taken. Consumer forums are in place to redress these grievances effectively.

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