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Top-end Pet Moving Tips for the Pet Owners

Top Pet Moving Tips by findmovers.co.in

Moving is very hectic or stressful for a family and if the family is having pets, then the stress even gets doubled up. There is always an unusual bond between a pet and the pet owner. In some aspects, pets can be a good therapist. They improve the quality of life, can even lower blood pressure and cholesterol, can prevent the possibility of heart attack and stroke, can reduce strain, etc. Thus, it is always beneficial to spend some quality time with them. Pet moving generally gets complicated, as it becomes tough for them to get accustomed to a new place or environment. Thus, moving creates a lot of unease for pets, particularly older pets, and mostly cats. They are dependent on us for their needs, safety and well-being. So, it is very essential to consider the needs of pet while moving and to make a moving process smooth for our furry companion.

So, here are some helpful pet moving tips to keep our best and faithful buddy happy and stress free during this big move.

Pre-pet Moving Tips-

  • Get the information about the local pet rules.
  • Find a trustworthy vet in that area.
  • Get an updated pet health certificate from the current vet for your pet.
  • Get the pet familiar with the crate.
  • Highlight obedience instructions
  • Give a pet a tour of new place so that it becomes familiar with the sight and smell of that place.
  • Create a Safe Room for pets
  • Pets get anxious with all the excitement of packing and moving; so keep them away.
  • Avoid stressful rushing
  • Start packing early.
  • Pets require a sense of stability so maintain their routine during transition.

On Moving Day Pet Moving Tips-

  • Place pets in a safe room for security and to minimize their stress on the moving day, you can also keep your pet to your friends or family member’s house.
  • Take your pet to the new house when everything is done.
  • Carry your pet’s preferred toy.
  • Keep your pet in a protected place.
  • Don’t feed your pet just before travelling.
  • For overnight stay book a pet friendly hotel.
  • During travelling, give your pet regular potty breaks and exercise.
  • To dodge any undesirable consequences, keep your pet tied with a chain

Post Moving Tips-

  • Check your new home for potential hazards.
  • Take regular walks with your pet.
  • Update contact information and new home address in the pet’s tag.
  • Try to imitate the old environment at the new place.
  • Try to maintain the normal routine of your pet.
  • To aid your pet to adjust with new home try to stay at home for the first week.
  • Let the pet have access to the one or two rooms of the new house at a time.
  • To give your pet a sense of security, use the same toys and dishes in the new house.
  • Once you are settled, it is important to quickly find the necessary services for your pet like, a veterinarian, a boarding facility or pet sitter, pet stores, parks and walking rout for pets.

Moving is a big change for everyone. So, pet owners have to be patient with a pet, as it may take time to get used to the new home. During the first weeks of shifting in a new home, the pet could be under stress; so, the pet owners have to make sure that they are giving plenty of love and attention to their pet and retaining a standard routine. While relocating to new home pet moving can be stressful for anyone but with a little attention and planning, it will not be so difficult for the pets.

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