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Types of Movers You Can Hire While Relocating

Deciding upon the type of mover you require while moving your house is the most important part of one’s decision to move. It depends upon the goods and items that are to be transported from one place to another to decide whether shifting could be done by the person all alone or any help of the movers would be required. To help you a little in the decision making upon what type of mover to choose we have prepared a list on the different types of movers along with their benefits.

Full Service Movers

Full Service Mover includes:

Basically, lifting and transporting heavy objects like furniture and mattress.
From wrapping all the parts of the furniture and providing mattress bags.

Shifting your furniture from the old house to the new one, all the tools required in the process are provided. They organize the furniture pieces very properly so that nothing is lost during shifting. They also provide shrink wrapping couches so as to protect the items from getting stained.

After the shifting is done they reassemble everything back in its shape.
They also remove and re fit the door and hinges, if required.

Self Service Movers

As the term clearly suggests, Self service movers provide limited services, unlike the full service movers. It could be called the ideal mover for the one who is interested in saving money and getting the work done.

The basic function of the self service mover is driving a truck. They load the goods and items from old house into the truck, drive the truck over to the new place and unload all the goods and items in the new place. Their jobs end here. They have no involvement in assembling and setting up of the furniture and other goods in the new house.

It is your responsibility to unassembled all the goods, pack them up properly and safely. Then load them into the truck and when it arrives at the new location unload the truck and unpack all the goods and items. Then you have to assemble all your furniture and set all the things in place.

As stated above, the only service of Self Service Mover includes transportation of the goods rest all the other costs are to be incurred by you on your own. There are few self service companies that provide a moving container, a large mobile unit. You can store the container in the front lawn of your house for few days before you are ready to move.

This service is beneficial as it helps in keeping the packed items safe in a container for a long time. It also helps in managing the items in an organized manner and saves you from tripping over packed boxes and packs all your items properly.

Container Moving

If you are moving from one place to another and are not happy about it and find driving big rented truck over long distances as the most difficult in the total shifting process. The best option in this case is, moving containers.

It is a very simple and easy idea. After making all the arrangements with the packers and movers company that provides moving containers, they would deliver the containers of the suitable size that would be required to shift your belongings to the new place and you can easily pack all your stuff. The containers are quite large with great capacity usually you require just one. At times the moving container companies charge you only for the area of the container you use.

Once the container is dropped at your place you are now supposed to pack all your stuff, load it in the container, lock the container and then take it to the new place and unload the stuff. The moving containers company also provides the facility of storing the stuff for few days if you are in between places. The containers are made up of weather resistant material as they are usually dropped in the driveway of your house, as they are placed of in the open they have to be off weather resistant material to prevent from getting defected.

After loading all the stuff into the container and then transporting it to the new house, the goods and items are unloaded at the new house. You must inform the moving containers company regarding the number of days you might take to unload all your goods and items. People usually take not more than a day to unload all their stuff and set it in place in the new house. If you wish to keep the container for many days do inform the company and talk about prices in advance.

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