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Why Mumbai is Such a Popular Moving Destination?

Mumbai is Popular Moving Destination?

The largest city of India, the second largest in the world and  a city which witnesses thousand of migrants each day is bound to have numerous unique attributes which allows people to confide in the fact that moving to this city is always a right decision. In this article, I have highlighted 7 such factors which will consolidate your faith.

1. The rush and adrenaline of Mumbai are addictive

Mumbai is a mayhem web of dynamic lives. The city compels you to run in life to achieve something. Provided the number of opportunities this city has to offer, it pushes you to work to the point of exhaustion much to your own enthusiasm. For young professionals and entrepreneurs, the sky is the limit. Everyone is moving forward with their lives in their own desired way. Speaking conclusively, this is a city of achievers and is reflected in the atmosphere of the city. The energy of people resonates throughout the city, defining the city.

2. Numerous destinations to spend the weekend

The city of seven islands is blessed with a number of beautiful beaches. Aksa beach, Versova beach, Juhu beach, Gurgaum Chowpatty beach along with a number of other beaches are popular amongst the local masses and tourists from all over the world. Moreover, the city also possesses a number of film studios, amusement parks, zoos, caves, forts, malls and museums, thus leaving you with innumerous options to relax with, whenever you feel the need to be. To efface the worries of our tiresome lives, one can find himself surrounded with a multitude of options, after you have finally decided moving to Mumbai.

3. Commercial Capital of India

Mumbai houses, institutions as such Reserve Bank of India, Bombay Stock Exchange and corporate headquarters of many national companies and is thus righteously called the Commercial Capital of India. A breakdown as of 2011, out of Fortune India 500, 177 companies are based in the financial capital of India. Owing to the immense business opportunities available, moving to Mumbai is the primary choice of migrants. The higher standard of living against other cities of India is also one of the reasons to move to Mumbai.

4. Home of Bollywood, the Hindi film industry

The appreciation, acceptability and  admiration of actors, especially, Bollywood is one of the most transparent truths amongst the common populace. So, there is always a fair chance of interactions with your dream idols and getting glimpses of your role-models.  This eventually helps keep the ambitions of the dreamers lit up and their aspirations get motivated to the fullest. If you are an aspiring actor, there is no place else you would want to be in.

5. Connectivity/Transport

You might have heard about all the rush one might have to endure being in Mumbai. What you don’t know is that this city fares best in terms of connectivity and the availability of a wide range of transportation means, because this is a city which never sleeps. You will find buses running till at least 1 am, trains till 2 am and taxis are always round the clock.

6. The Liberal City

How often have you been bothered by the nuisances of people surrounding you, poking with your lives? This concern is almost non-existent with the people residing here, and this factor alone needs to earn some credit and validate your reason of moving to Mumbai. Here, you are  perceived and judged on account of   the nature of your work rather than religion, community and caste. Moreover,  the safety of women is also deeply valued and they have to watch their shoulder every 5 minutes, at contrast with some other big cities of India. Essentially, the useless facts don’t usually come into play  and Mumbaikars practice liberty in the truest of its sense.

7. For the big hearted people, the Mumbaikars are

Pretty often you would have come across in life with someone saying – ‘Mumbai hain dilwaalo ka’. When it comes to compassion and empathy, Mumbaikars are known to be people always willing to help those in need . You will live, love and learn eventually, being in this place and your zeal and passion will never be let down.

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